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Ball State University's Offices of the Provost, Vice Provost, and Immersive Learning are pleased to offer supplemental travel funding for conference registrations and travel expenses related to completed immersive learning projects. These funds support faculty and students invited to present on immersive learning (in-person or virtually) at regional, national, or international conferences.

These grants can help fund registration, lodging, airfare, university vehicles, and/or other travel expenses associated with conference travel after the completion of an immersive learning project. You may be eligible for up to $1,500 to supplement your travel needs. While faculty alone are eligible for these awards, priority will be given to proposals where students will present directly on their project(s) or participate directly in the faculty mentor's presentation. All travel must be complete before June 1, 2022 and you must have an official invitation to present from a national conference or workshop planning committee. Funds will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Submission Deadlines: Applications will be accepted beginning of each academic year, and a rolling deadline will be in place until the annual funding is exhausted. All travel must be completed and expenses submitted by June 1 of each year unless the Vice Provost's office grants special permission for late reimbursement.

Any questions, please contact Suzanne Plesha, Director of Immersive Learning, or call the Office of Immersive Learning at 285-2790.

Note: Funds cannot be used for travel occurring in the same semester as the project being covered in your presentation.  For example, if you are teaching an immersive learning course, this fund will not pay for a conference on your project this semester, but you can request money to travel this summer. 

Grants are awarded as a reimbursement after the trip has taken place. If this request is approved, you will receive notifications as to whether you will receive the full or partial amount requested. Upon notification, you may begin making travel arrangements through your department. Once the trip has taken place, your administrative coordinator will process the travel reimbursement and forward the completed TR to the Immersive Learning Office. Arrangements will then be made to transfer the reimbursement amount to your department up to the amount you were rewarded. If your travel costs exceed the award amount, your department will absorb that cost.

Only undergraduate students will be permitted to travel under this grant.

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